How to keep your pets free from pests?

Pest Control Happy Valley

Pets are loving, and you cannot see them scratching or itching their skin all the time. You always want a solution for their itchy skin as a pet owner. But it is time to take action rather than worrying. However, pests like mosquitoes, fleas remain invisible, and their infestation causes several health problems in pets and people. Professionals at Pest Control Happy Valley suggest some measures to keep your pets free from pests.

Here, in this post, we will discuss some ways to protect pets and keep them pest-free.

What should you know as a pet owner?

Your pets are vulnerable to pests like mosquitoes, stinging bugs, spiders, roaches, rodents, etc. But you should also ensure that your fluffy friends avoid contact with Fleas, ticks, mites, worms. Ticks, for example, are capable of transmitting Rocky Mountain, Lyme disease, etc.

On the other hand, encephalitis, Heartworm, West Nile virus are prevalent diseases spread from mosquitoes. Apart from this, pests’ stings cause rashes, itching, irritation in pets. Any time if you find pest infestation in your home, call a licensed pest control company in Happy Valley.

How to protect your pets?

Fortunately, you can protect your pets from pests; follow these ways:

Lawn care:

To avoid pest infestation in your pets:

  1. Make sure you maintain your lawn.
  2. Mow the tall grass, trim shrubs, and trees to destroy the hiding place of pests.
  3. Seal the openings in the garages, sheds where pets rest.
  4. Make sure you do not let them sit in overgrown shrubs or bushes areas. 

Home care:

Your home is a frequent visitor for pests where they leave larvae, lay eggs. Moreover, the carpeting area is the most vulnerable place for hiding mites, ticks, and fleas. Therefore, for pest control, vacuum the entire home at least once a week. To ensure a pest-free home, wash pets’ bedding, towels.  Do not hesitate to contact Pest control in Happy Valley, if you see any signs of infestation.

Pets care:

Be vigilant when you take your pets for a walk. Bathe pets regularly and use shampoo. Use a comb to brush their fur, and if it is long grown, then trim hair. Visit a veterinarian to know the suitable treatment for ticks and fleas bites.

Keep your pets safe with pest control service in Happy Valley:

Whether bugs hurt your pets or not, pest extermination is a necessary step. There are chances that you already have pests infestation; the best thing you can do is hire experts. When you decide to limit bugs entry, consider calling Pest Control Happy Valley because only professional happy right techniques to control the infestation of blood sucking bugs.